About Us

About Us

At Alpha Recovery we believe that every individual’s journey is unique. We work to make your experience as stress free and smooth as possible, so you can focus on what matters. 

We seek to engage our clients in an impactful way, to help them build the life they want. We believe treatment is about growing strong together, enjoying the process, sharing our souls, and supporting your dreams.

We believe love always conquers fear! We can help you walk through whatever you and your family are facing with love and compassion.

Our Core Values-We Are Unique, Impactful, Principled, Strong, Fun, Compassionate, and Creative

What Can Therapy Do For Me?

Help me achieve my goals

Change self-defeating behaviors

Better resolve conflict

Learn to communicate my feelings

Better understand myself

Heal past hurts

Work towards better relationships

Sort through my emotions

Know that I'm not alone

Develop my skills

Set healthy boundaries

Learn to love myself

Gain a greater sense of purpose & meaning