Frequently Asked Questions

Cognitive Therapy, Skills Training, Case Management, Parent Skills
Yes it can! Counseling gives you a place where you’re not judged, you’re not told what to do, and you won’t be forced to listen to just one single opinion. I want to give you a place to feel safe to share about yourself. Therapy takes some work at times. But, I feel like most people leave counseling feeling like the time and energy they put into therapy are well worth it.
Yes- We will gladly provide a signed note to excuse time or days missed if necessary for services. We strive to work around you and your child’s schedule as much as we can.
No- but for those clients without a doctor, our case manager will link you to a doctor/psychiatrist that we work closely with.
Daisy is available to help enhance your unique experience. Some people have allergies, or don’t like dogs for different reasons. We won’t include our dog, if that is a family’s preference.
Most of our clients pay nothing out of pocket with their insurance. With certain insurances, there will be a co-pay based on your insurance plan. Fill out our quick request form and we will verify your insurance benefits for you. [Verify Insurance] link to referral form

1.Cognitive therapy “talk therapy” sessions last about 45 minutes to 1 hour with the client.

2.Skills building and Case Management sessions will be based on the activities we are doing with you that day, anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours spent with you or your child. Trust it will be fun, and time well spent!